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FENG SHUI your home

10 Feng Shui Tips

May 22, 2017


10 Feng Shui Tips To Improve Your Health, Wealth & Relationships

First and foremost, having good health is wealth. Though changing your luck for better prosperity is just as important too. If you are looking to attract good energy with the help of Feng Shui in your home, here are 10 Feng Shui tips to better your home according to Master David Tong of CMG Consulting:

1. The stove and sink should not be directly opposite each other as it means that fire and water are clashing and this could lead to heart, blood or eye related illness.

2. The stove should not be facing the toilet door as this could lead to water related illness such as kidney, bladder, urinary tract infections, gynaecological issues etc

3. Avoid having any forms of beam or L-box lighting above the bed. This leads to health issues on the body parts where the beam is suppressing on.

4. Avoid placing the bed in such a location whereby the head or leg faces the room door directly. This is known as the “coffin position” and usually bring about sickness or lack of energy for the occupant.

5. The wealth sector for 2016 is at the Southwest sector of your house. Place a water feature such as fish tank or water fountain there to enhance your wealth and career luck.

6. For those who are married, avoid hanging your wedding portrait above your headboard. Based on Chinese superstition, it is said to bring about arguments and quarrels to your marriage.

7. It is a myth that the wealth will enter from your main door and exit through the windows and you have to build a partition there. In fact, the main door is the “mouth” of the house. In Feng Shui, we want to “harness the energy” into your house. So best to leave the main door unblocked. Blocking it with a partition is like sealing your mouth with a masking tape and you will eventually suffocate!

8. After moving in, avoid any forms of renovation and drilling in your house. Doing so, there is a risk of activating the negative Qi in your house and brings about sudden illness or career downturn. If required, you need to choose an auspicious date and time to do it.

9. Avoid buying a unit that faces the electrical sub-station, places of worship as well as MRT/LRT track (especially on the same level as the track or below it). It usually brings about health issues to the occupants.

10. Do not place any water features such as water fountain or fish tank in the middle of the house (center of the floor plan). This is the “heavenly heart” of the house and should be left yin (quiet). Placing a water feature there will result in loss of wealth.

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