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When furnishing a home it's all in the Details. You can mix old with new, soft with hard and lux with vintage. In our House Hunters Renovation, Season 11 Episode 9, my husband Lew Sabo and I went with Mid Century Modern design with Farmhouse Fab treatments. Our house is 3br, 2 ba plus powder room and every room needed a makeover! So we did just that! Lew re-designed the house while I was shopping for interior materials. Before even laying down the floors, I was already thinking of my final touches! CHANDELIERS!!  

I'm obsessed with pretty treatments, but I found that chandeliers, pendants, sconces were hard to find until I stumbled upon LAMPS PLUS! Once I found them, OMG.......... I was intrigued and I was in chandelier heaven! They have an array of designs in every finish, brass, silver and oil bronze. So it was easy to find everything I needed for every room and the most magical vintage white chandelier for our master bedroom. The look and quality of these designs are phenomenal, the price is not bad either :)

Neiman Marcus taste, for Macys price. Doesn't get much better!

These are our picks from #lampsplus

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